hello. i served jury duty today, and they called out names for a case, but mine wasn’t called, and then at 11:35ish they called roll call and then dismissed us all and we turned in our juror badges and got a paper saying we serve jury duty. i’m not sure if that means i’m done completely or if i was just done for the day. i turned in my summons and my badge so i’m not sure how i would identify myself tomorrow if i had to go back in, but also the paper says it’s only for one reporting day of jury duty. maybe that’s so that people can’t lie to work and say they were there for multiple days? not sure

yeah i fucking know

all the songs of last summer and the summer before that that i still sing along to at first but then quietly stop because i’m consumed by all of the memories they’re attached to

teen witch really screwed me up as a kid. madame serena’s voice scared me and i still hear it sometimes. there’s a certain time of day in the fall when it’s windy that makes me think of a scene that i can’t really remember, but i can hear the music from that scene distinctly in my head when it looks like that

hello. earl sweatshirt is in line with me to see the comedy show

who thinks i should park in the garage some time soon raise your hand

the unspoken politics of sharing a house with other people is so wildly unpredictable and tense and i never know if something i do is going to piss off someone else. like i put a long 12 pack of cherry coke in the cupboards under the stove because it took up too much space when i had it on kelsey and i’s shared pantry space, and nothing is being kept under the stove. but i guess someone saw that i put it there and moved it to my pantry space? which i just think is so weird and unnecessary like nothing else is occupying that space, so why can’t i put my coke there and why did you need to move it i don’t understand


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(New York City, 2013-2014)

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the friendship between sierra (smallstrawhat) fleming and i is very real and i cherish it a lot. she’s probably the only person who i’ve met on tumblr that i’ve kept in regular contact with. i always know that we’ll talk about this week’s episode of whatever we’re both watching, and we share the same taste in poetry which i honestly think is on a whole other level of connecting with someone. i always respect her views on things and have loved to watch her grow up and become a more aware person. we have both grown up so much. i love u sierra i think you’re hilarious and so smart




I haven’t pooped in THREE DAYS

i woke up early not feeling great after drinking last night, and my first still half asleep thought was, “i’m not drinking that much ever again, for three days” and now all day i’ve just been laughing to myself over “ever again for three days”

i was at the silver fox (a gay bar as you could imagine) last night, and this lady named dee dee came up for karaoke and she said “this one’s for my boys” and pointed all across the room and then she sang “dreams” by fleetwood mac beautifully. truly a moment that i am still thinking about today