snowpiercer was really really good

did any of you who don’t live in socal know that there are gangs of people (who call themselves social clubs) who love/go to disneyland and they all wear denim vests covered in custom made disney pins and patches that represent what social club they belong to and they all have matching back patches that have the name of their social club essentially mimicking the aesthetic of biker gangs. some of them are exclusive and only let people join by invitation, and they have like certain criteria that they judge by and you basically have to be vetted for a couple of months before you’re “proposed” to join the social club. there’s like 90 of these clubs i think and i see a few of them all the time. there’s like the main street elite, the black death crew, the neverlanders, the jungle cruisers, the disneyland resort imbeciles, walt’s wonderlanders, etc. lol yes.. they are out here doing it



The waiting is the hardest part, John Register

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with testosterone i’m looking more like my dad when he was around my age (i think he’s 21 in this picture) and i like it. we don’t have the same nose or chin but we have the same eyes and eyebrows. he has a pretty round-ish face shape and that makes me feel a little better about mine


Kind of body-shaming to have a blog url that reinforces fashion norms of small, petite figures. Just saying.


Sierra Fleming wears a straw hat, at home, in her house. She goes outside without the hat, but if you see her in her house, she does wear a small straw hat.

she does wear a small straw hat


Solange - Some Things Never Seem to Fucking Work


Solange - Some Things Never Seem To Fucking Work

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i am feeling forgotten and like summer is over and so is everything else

i had to buy more cleaning products because every time i buy something, it disappears into cody and cory’s room. so every time i need it, i have to knock on their door and say, “do you have the _____ in your room?” and then after a few times i have to ask for it, suddenly it’s not in their room anymore. well if it’s not literally anywhere else in the house, i’m going to assume you’re either too lazy to look for it in your room or you’ve used it all. so i hid this stuff i bought today bc i am tired of life


i called my local chinese place and ordered sweet and sour chicken and the owner said “you want sweet and sour chicken tonight? just making sure because you usually get sesame chicken” b*tch i fucking know what i usually get. am i under arrest?


six selfies

hello. i served jury duty today, and they called out names for a case, but mine wasn’t called, and then at 11:35ish they called roll call and then dismissed us all and we turned in our juror badges and got a paper saying we serve jury duty. i’m not sure if that means i’m done completely or if i was just done for the day. i turned in my summons and my badge so i’m not sure how i would identify myself tomorrow if i had to go back in, but also the paper says it’s only for one reporting day of jury duty. maybe that’s so that people can’t lie to work and say they were there for multiple days? not sure

yeah i fucking know

all the songs of last summer and the summer before that that i still sing along to at first but then quietly stop because i’m consumed by all of the memories they’re attached to

teen witch really screwed me up as a kid. madame serena’s voice scared me and i still hear it sometimes. there’s a certain time of day in the fall when it’s windy that makes me think of a scene that i can’t really remember, but i can hear the music from that scene distinctly in my head when it looks like that